A job with brilliant chances for your future


You like fresh air?

If you are interested in a diversified job with brilliant chances for your future career, if you are willing to affront wind and rain, then welcome to our team!

We can offer you a qualified training in our nursery. In the comfortable atmosphere of our team you will learn everything you have to know in horticulture, for example breeding and reproduction of plants, proper plant treatment and everything about dispatch. Our skilled trainers will guide you through the three-year-lasting apprenticeship and will help you to become an expert.

You will get any assistance you need to find a flat and to settle into Ammerland.

If you are curious and like to get more information about the training as a gardener, feel free to call or mail us!


We have vacancies from 1st August 2015

For more information see also: www.gaertnerwerden.de and www.junggärtner.de - (Junggärtner is a club for young horticulturists. We will pay the fee for you).